About Me

photo credit: Brita Photography

photo credit: Brita Photography

Hey, that’s me with the handsome hubs on our wedding day! Aren’t we cute? Summing myself up in a paragraph is more difficult than it sounds, so I am going to give you the low down with the top 10 most important facts about myself and/or my photography!

Chris and I got married in November 2011

We met through a mutual friend – Chris was the best man at my childhood neighbor’s wedding. We didn’t meet at the wedding, but the friend’s mom thought we would make a good match and forced the friend to play matchmaker! Amazingly, it worked out :)

I have two dogs – Juneau and Scout

Yes, my photography business is named after Juneau (don’t worry, Scout is the newer addition – the business pre-dates her. She is equally loved). Both are cockapoos and you’ll probably see them periodically on the site!

I love anything crafty

Crocheting, knitting, quilting, decorating. I love it all. I couldn’t really get into scrapbooking. It’s too messy.

I can’t cook

Not only am I disgusted by touching raw meats, but I’m scared of undercooking things, so everything gets burnt to a crisp. Everything.

I have one brother

We are seven months apart. Yes, you read that right. People used to get really confused by that when we were growing up, especially since we were in the same grade. The truth is actually pretty simple….he’s adopted!

I love to travel, but don’t think you have to travel far to be amazed

Travelling internationally is fun, I’ll give you that. But, you’d be hard pressed to find another country with as diverse a landscape as the US. Deserts, plains, mountains, bayous….it’s amazing. My favorite is out west.

I’m an introvert at heart

A good night at home editing photos with a movie and the fireplace roaring….that’s my idea of a good time.

Fall is my favorite season

Boots, pumpkins, cozy clothes, and lots of cuddles make this season the best one of the year. Not too hot, not too cold…what could be better?

I don’t understand sports

I am neither athletically inclined nor do I understand what they are doing in most sports. This made for some tough formative years.

I love photographing people

Famous places and landscapes are cool, but it’s hard to get over the feeling that its been done a million times before. What can I add to a photo of the Empire State Building that hasn’t already been captured? Probably nothing. But with people, maybe I’ll capture someone’s favorite photo of themselves – the one that makes them feel beautiful. Maybe I’ll capture the first photo of a child – the one that shows up in their wedding slideshow years from now. Maybe I’ll capture the first kiss as husband and wife – one of many during a 50 year marriage. With people, the opportunities to capture something important are endless, and I love that I get to be a part of that.


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